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    As an expert in Native American culture, you have been contracted by the Smithsonian Institute to unravel the mysteries of eight Iroquois artifacts which have recently come into their museum.
    The Smithsonian wants to put these artifacts on display as part of a special Iroquois exhibit, but can only do so if the artifacts are properly identified.
    To do this, you must research many facets of Iroquois culture -- politics, food, games, and stories.
                                                 WHO WERE THE IROQUOIS?
    Remember to get your worksheet and pencils ready. You will see 8 items from the Iroquois. try your best to guess what that item could be and what it was used for. Write it down on your worksheet ...
    Let's Get Started...
    You are now ready to start your mission. Proceed to view the mysterious eight artifacts.
                            THE TASK...
                          Your Mission
                                                          (click to get your instructions)
                              Now that you know your mission ...
                                            Let us begin...

    Object "A" n     

     Object "B"m

    Object "C"

    Object "D" m

    Object "E" h

    Object "F" j
    Object "G"

      Object "H"  b


    You will be asked to discover your artifacts' origins. Each of you will be responsible for researching information about one of the following fields.  You will each have ten questions to guide your research.

    As you research your area, don't just answer the questions. Keep a sharp eye out for information on the six artifacts. You may run across them, or at least see information which will help you explain them.

    When you have answered your questions... you should then be able to identify all the objects.

    Your four fields of study are:(Click above to see the Fields of Study)
                    When you have received directions on the topic
                 that you will work on... proceed to the
                 PROCESS area.
    Step One:
    There are four fields to research, one for each team member.
    Choose your field, below, to find your ten questions.
    Use the worksheet to record your answers.
    Highlighted words in the questions will lead you to links with the answers you need.

    POLITICS-- This researcher will learn about Iroquois government, diplomacy, and social structure.

    FOOD-- This researcher will learn about Iroquois foods, cooking, fishing and hunting.

    STORIES and MYTHS-- This researcher will learn some basic Iroquois myths and symbols.

    GAMES-- This researcher will learn about Iroquois games and sports.

    Keep in mind...
    If you see a familiar picture, while doing your research...
    try clicking on it...
    Politics /Background
    1. What do the Iroquois call themselves, and what does that name mean?

    2.Who were the Iroquois tribes?

    3. How did Hiawatha get the Onondaga tribe to join the great Iroquois Confederacy?
    4. What is the Iriquois Confederacy. How was it organized?
    5.Where do the Iroquois Indians live?

      6.What language do the Iroquois Indians speak?

    7. What were men and women's roles in the Iroquois tribe?

    8. What was Iroquois clothing like? Did Iroquois people wear feather headdresses and face paint?

    9. What was Iroquois transportation like in the days before cars? Did Iroquois people paddle canoes?

    10. What was Iroquois food like in the days before supermarkets?

    11. What is the Covenant Chain, and what does it look like?


    12. What were Iroquois weapons and tools like in the past?
     13. What are Iroquois arts and crafts like?

    14. What was Iroquois music like?

    15. What other Native Americans did the Iroquois tribes interact with?


    1. What are the “three sisters”?
    (Hint:Look in The Three Sisters)


    2. Who was responsible for the farming in an Iroquois community?
    (Hint:Look in The Three Sisters)


    3. List three Iroquois uses for the non-edible parts of the corn plant. 


    4. What did Iroquois men hunt most for food, and how many did they need to feed their clan?
    (Hint:Look in In The Forest / Animals and Men)


    5. How did a “fish drive” work?
    (Hint:Look in In The Forest / Animals and Men / Hunting and Fishing)


    6. What tasty food did Iroquois love to hunt in the spring?
    (Hint:Look in In The Forest / Animals and Men / Hunting and Fishing)


    7. What purpose does it serve to paint your bow?


    8. Look at a picture of Iroquois cooking and speculate: why are the pots pointed on the bottom?


    9. When do the Iroquois gather cherries and what are they used for?


    10. How would an Iroquois make a rake (farming implement)?
    Stories and Myths 

    1. According to the Iroquois, what did the muskrat provide for the creation of the earth?


    2. What is “turtle island”?


    3. How did the boy Three Arrows get his name?


    4. Where does Three Arrows get the idea for making fire?


    5. According to "Sacrifice at Niagara," what did the Iroquois believe about Niagara Falls, and what did they do there every year?


    6. Why wasn't LaSalle able to convince the Iroquois that Christianity was better than their religious practices?


    7. According to the story "Legend of the No-Faced Doll," why do corn husk dolls not have faces?


    8. According to the Oneida Nation's opening prayer, what is the strongest medicine on earth, the "head of all medicines"?


    9. According to the story of the Oneida Creation, what was Sky Woman's good child responsible for?


    10. What was Sky Woman's evil child responsible for?
    1. How do you score a point in the game hoop and dart, and what is the best score?


    1. How do you score a point in bundle & pin and how many points do you need to win? (2)


    1. How do you play the game snow snake? (3)


    1. List two games the Iroquois played that American kids still know about today? (4)


    1. Play three rounds of bowl & dice. What dice result will win you the most sticks? How many did you win?  (5)


    1. What did the Six Tribes call their version of lacrosse, and how many people were on a team? (6)


    1. What did the word "lacrosse" mean originally, and how did the sport get that name? (7)


    1. Why did the Cherokee call this game "little brother of war"? (8)


    1. Before a traditional lacrosse game (called just “the Ball Game”), what are two things that have to happen? (9)


    1. How do you know when a game of little pines is over? (10)
    Step Two:
    Go back to the TASK part of the page and identify any artifacts you can. You will need the resources of all researchers to identify them all.  When you are done, go to step three.

    Step Three:

    Go to the conclusion part and answer the BIG QUESTION.


    You should now have all your questions answered.

    You should also have all six artifacts identified, and your descriptions written.

    You last step is to answer the BIG QUESTION.
    If you have been working with teams... 
    One member of the team can serve as scribe, but all members of the team should contribute ideas, since you all have different fields of expertise.
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