WELCOME to Ms. Batista-Parris' Class 1-234 A!


    Dear Families,

    I am thrilled to welcome your child to first grade and hope you all had a wonderful summer! It is a privilege to have this opportunity to assist your child on their journey this year. I believe working with you as partners, is the key to success.

    First grade is an exciting time as children embark upon new adventures in the world of learning. I am looking forward to a very exciting and productive year working with your child. I will strive each day to make learning a fun and enriching process for your child. However, I need your help in making this year as successful as it can be! I believe that you and I are a team working together to help your child develop emotionally and academically. You are the most important person in your child’s life and you are also a teacher in your child’s life. I know if we work together and communicate, your child will have a very successful year!

    Daily homework assignments will be put into a packet and sent home every Monday. It will also include information to keep you up to date on what we’re doing in class as well as what you can do with your child at home to provide additional practice in certain areas. Please complete the HW in the packet day by day, so your child isn’t overwhelmed at the end of the week. Homework is due every Friday in your child's HW folder. There will be a reading log in the HW folder which should be updated every night. Your child should be reading for 20 minutes every night.



     Our class is emPOWered!


    E - Strive for EXCELLENCE

    M - MAKE good choices

    P - Come PREPARED for my day

    O - Have OUTSTANDING behavior

    W - WORK HARD in every way

    E - ENCOURAGE others to do well

    R - Have RESPECT for myself and others




    Ms. Batista-Parris