• Change For Kids


    What We Do

    Change for Kids invests in New York City public elementary schools in underserved communities by bringing critical resources designed to prepare students for success in middle school and beyond.

    Our Model

    The Change for Kids community works together to put our students on the path to success. CFK School Managers, in partnership with principals and teachers, identify the needs of each CFK partner school and manage a mix of resources, including leadership support; academic enrichment and engagement programs; and volunteers and corporate sponsors.

    Change for Kids partners with 13 schools across the five boroughs reaching almost 5,000 students providing:

    Leadership Support for principals, teachers and other school leaders

    Academic Enrichment Partners vetted by CFK and brought into our partner schools to focus primarily on reading proficiency and social-emotional skills

    CFK Programs and Experiences designed to fill the gaps identified by our partner schools

    Community Volunteer Opportunities for individuals and public and private organizations that are meaningful and impactful for both the students and the volunteers.

    Last year, CFK provided more than 80,000 hours of program support, and over 1,000 CFK volunteers donated 4,416 hours of service.

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