• Does a lead pencil contain led? ____ What is it made from? ______________________
    Writing instruments made from sticks came into use around ...what year? _____________
    In the U.S., wood-cased lead pencils were produced where?____ When?___ By who?____
    Who invented the Band-Aid? ____________________________
    When he found the company's large dressing too cumbersome to fix the numerous cuts  and bruises, what did he do?_________________________________________________
    What size were the first Band Aids?___________________________________________
    Who invented money?_____________________________________________________
    What is BARTERING?____________________________________________________
    Who invented bartering? __________________________________________________
    What is a shekel? ________________________________________________________
    Which scientist, successfully transmitted the first TV picture, after years of work, in 1926?___
    What is the early mechanical technology? ____________________________________
    When did experiments with color televisions begin?______ When could you buy one? _____
    When was the first reliable electronic telegraph machines built? _______________________
    What was the name of the code uset to transmit letters? ______ Who invented it? ________
    The telephone quickly took over from the telegraph. In what year? __________
    Who invented the telephone? _______________________________________________
    Radio was the first wireless mode of communication. Radios send messages by radio waves instead of _____________?
    Who invented the "Wireless telegraph"? _______________________ When? _________
    name at least 3 shows that were broadcast over the radio...________ ________ ________
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