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    Mrs. McCray-Hines

    All About Mrs. McCray-Hines:
    This year will be Mrs. McCray-Hines' 20th year teaching at P.S. 329 – The Surfside School. 
    Mrs. McCray-Hines loves teaching and believes that she has been called to Teach, Inspire, and Elevate Children. Mrs. McCray-Hines was born and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. She has been a member of the Coney Island Community since she was 10 years old. It also at this age, when she became a student at P.S. 329. Mrs. McCray loves to sing, shop, bowl, and have fun with her friends and family. If you ever need to smile or a hearty laugh,  She is always willing to share her sense of humor, and Jovial spirit.  
    She enjoys a good challenge and desires to instill a love of learning and adventure into her students.