• Welcome to Dance......

    Welcome to Dance

    AS we move forward this class is designed to improve ones movement skill. We will focus on the wide range of vocabulary, history, structures, and techniques that encompass the modern dance tradition as well as others genres of dance.



    1. To learn self-discipline, self-expression, and self-confidence through the art form of dance.
    2. To explore and become efficient at basic dance styles and techniques.
    3. To develop a dance vocabulary.
    4. To develop a kinesthetic awareness.


    Student Expectations:

    1. Students are expected to dress in assigned clothes and participate every class.
    2. Students are not to bring gum, food, and drinks into the classroom.
    3. Students are to be in assigned space for roll call.
    4. Each student is responsible for knowing and obeying all rules and regulations of the school.
    5. Students should expect to be pushed and ready to work hard at becoming efficient at basic ballet, jazz, modern and other various dance styles.
    6. Students will use choreographic principles to create dances through Horton Techniques and collaborative groups.
    7. Students will understand how to use movement skills in dance through creative movement, warm-up techniques, memorization of technical skills and performance.
    8. Students will use a variety of thinking skills to analyze and evaluate dance through rubrics and peer assessment and self-assessment.

    9.     Students will explore cultural, historical, and interdisciplinary connections with dance integration of core curriculum, basic anatomy and dance history.

    10.  Students are to bring to class their dance notebook. All dance related notes are to be kept and accounted for. Notebooks will be randomly collected, checked and graded.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Have Fun
    2. Be Respectful
    3. Be an active participant


    Dance Clothes and Requirements:

    1. Dance clothes are different than your street clothes no matter how comfortable or loose you may consider the clothes you wear to school.  Dance clothes are clothes that you can roll around on the floor in, sweat in and are recognized as such by the teacher. They may take the form of sweat pants, leggings, biker shorts, basketball shorts and t-shirts.
    2. Please NO JEANS or SKIRTS on the days you have dance, this will affect your ability to move which will affect your grade.
    3. No dangling jewelry (including earrings, necklaces, bracelets etc.)
    4. Students will need a notebook designated just for dance.


    Dressing Regulations:

    1. Students must dress out every day. If recovering from an injury or illness, a student may be excused from participation with a SIGNED NOTE from a parent or guardian for two days.
    2. Anything longer than two days needs a doctor’s note.
    3. If you have a doctor’s note and are ill and observing class, you will be required to write a participation one-page paper. Your paper will be due at the end of the class period.


    Bring to class each day:

    1.     Your dance clothes!!

    2.     Notebook, pen/pencil, and any handouts you receive in dance.

    3.      And most importantly yourself.


    ****I can be reached via email at vhilaire@schools.nyc.gov

    I have an open door policy; please feel free to speak to me when
    I am not teaching a class****