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    How does the Government affect me?
    Research #4

    After Americans won the Revolutionary War, America's Founding Fathers realized that they would need some rules to help govern their new country.

    They decided to create a document called the Constitution. One way to think of the Constitution is as the law that governs the government. The Constitution is the set of rules and regulations that define the powers and duties of the government. When the Founding Fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution, they did something very important—they gave some power to the national government or federal government and some to the states. By doing this, they made sure that no one group would have too much power.

    1. What is the Constitution?
    2. Who wrote the Constitution?
    3. What does "veto"  mean?
    4. The right to Vote is called?
    5. What is the Bill of Rights?
    6. The New York State Government is made up of what 3 parts (branches)?
    7. The idea of limiting any one branch's power is called...
    8. Which Branch carries out New York's Laws?
         Who is the head of this Branch?
    9. Which Branch has two parts: the State Senate and the State Assembly?
    10. What is the job of the Judicial Branch?
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    citizen:  a person who is a member of a community, state, or country


    governmentthe organization that makes and carries out laws, settles disputes, and protects the country, community, or group


    democracy:  a government in which citizens elect representatives to make decisions for them


    amendment: A change or addition that is made to a document of  law.


    patriotism:  a feeling of loyalty and pride in one's country

    On a site called Archiving Early America , there are many different explorations of early American history.   Click on the Declaring Independence movie.  Sit back, enjoy the movie, and answer the following questions.


    1.  According to this movie, who did the actual writing of the Declaration of Independence, and how long did it take him?


    2.Who was the President of the Continental Congress at that time, and why do you think his signature is so large?


    3.  The Continental Congress formed a committee to prepare a formal declaration. Who was the New York delegate on that committee?


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