The Surfside School Museum 

    In the one-room Surfside School Museum at PS 329, rich, maroon fabric panels cover the walls and provide a professional background for exhibiting impressive artwork. Tiny handmade art replicas line one wall, while a collection of various art piece (based on Exhibit Title) hang on the rest of the adjoining walls. A plaque near the small, velvet-roped entrance offers a well-written introduction to the title of the Exhibit and identification tags explain the pieces in the gallery. But the most amazing thing is that 3rd graders created this exhibit, including all the art and writing.

    Artists from the Brooklyn Arts Council work with students for three months during the year to put together an exhibit that is unveiled in the beginning of the next school year. PS 329 also invites other schools to visit the museum and create their own pieces based on the displayed art.


    The school tries to link other grades to community organizations for
    projects as  well.  For  example,  2nd  graders work  with the nearby
    New York Aquarium. There are  also  arts  programs  that  students 
    can  participate  in, such as photography, dance, advertizing, and a
    Caribbean  steel  drum  band.  The school  is evidently  proud of its
    events,  from  holiday  assemblies  to  Halloween parades, judging
    from the many photographs on the walls.

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Last Modified on October 22, 2007