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    English Language Arts
    In this first unit, students will learn how to author their reading lives by becoming a classroom community of readers.  Students will also obtain the identity of being a reader by setting goals, creating a life that revolves around shared books, and helping students develop a sense of personal agency in their lives.
    **Therefore, please have your child read for 20 minutes every day and produce a written response from their reading:
    **Mentor Text:

    : The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo
    *Students will be reading a just right book on their independent levels and will be asked to complete a task based on the story that they have read.
    *Students will be taught the guidelines of the Reading Workshop.  Students will learn to discuss their stories and work independently and in groups.
    Teacher's College Writing Grade 4 Unit 1
    In this first unit, students will learn how to author their writing lives by becoming a classroom community of writers.  Students will generate many seed ideas and draft a short, narrative piece to start the year ans build stamina around writing.  Additionally grammar, language and conventions standards will be taught to set up this expectation in all writing across the year.
    Mathematics Chapter 1 GO MATH
     In this first unit students will generalize place value understanding for multi-digit numbers and use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.
    Social Studies: Grade 4 Unit 1 (passport):
     In our first unit of study, students will learn about the geography of New York and how it has affected the people who lived there in the past and that it continues to affect the people who live there today.  We will research how different groups of Native Americans in New York developed different cultures, and how they used the natural resources around them.
    Amplify Science Grade 4 Unit 1
    In this first unit students will participate in first hand investigations are an important part of any science classroom, and Amplify Science has students getting hands-on in every unit, from designing sticky glues to experimenting with electrical systems.  Students will TALK, READ, WRITE, and VISUALIZE as they participate in classroom lessons.
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