• What we Did, What we are doing, and Where we are going!

    Posted by Monica Rzewski on 12/21/2015


    Pre Kindergarten

    So far this year Pre Kindergarten has learned how to draw different lines and shapes. We started out with a fall tree project which helped students learn lines and gluing skills. Next, we leanred how to draw shapes. Squares, circles and traingles. This led us to drawing faces, the body and then our whole family!




    We started out the year learning different types of lines and perfected our gluing skills. Our first project was inspired by Wayne Thiebald's gumball machies. We combined shapes and lines and created beautiful projects. Currently we are embarking on collages, using different materials to create an environment for animals to live in.


    1st Grade

    Shapes! 1st grade students create shape designs using crayons. They learned how to draw with pencil, outline with marker and fill in with crayon. Patience and neatness was key in this project. 


    2nd & 3rd Grade

    Our first major project was inspired by Piet Mondrian's primary colored paintings. Instead of a painting we used paper and scissors to create abstract collages. Then we learned about mixing colors with crayons and studied complementary colors. We made opposite pictures as a finale to understanding complementary colors where whatever you would normally color in something you'd do the oppsosite.



    1st & 2nd Grade

    We are Painting! Students have learned how to use a brush and how to mix the primary colors to make the secondary colors. Now they are using these skills to create a ice pop painting. We will continue to learn color mxing with tints and shades next to add to our projects.


    3rd Grade

    Third grade is painting as well, and we also learned how to use a paintbrush and mix paint. Next, we are making color wheels! This will help us understand color theory better, espcially complementary colors. Then, we will understand warm and cool colors to create a final project. 

    4th & 5th Grade

    The fourth and fifth grades have embarked on a serious architecture project. We looked at famous buildings from around the world, such as the Taj Mahal, the Eiffle Tower, and Nortre Dam. We then sketched parts of these buildings and combined these sketches to create a brand new design. Now we are painting in our designs using watercolors. I plan to combine these buildings in one major mural. Hoping to invite parents to see the final product, more information to come!



    Certain 2nd grade, 3rd grade 4th and 5th grade classes have photography. All year we've been intensely learning how to edit photographs using iPhoto on the Mac computers. Students know how to straighten crooked pictures, adjust color and lighting, fix spots and red eye. We are learning the concept of contrast and saturation, but these are very advanced concepts and we can only learn by doing. As a finale to editing we discussed color and emotions. How a picture's feeling can change from the color it is. So if a picture is blue, is it sad? If a picture is pinkish, can it mean love? Students edit their photographs according to the emotion they are trying to portray. Moving foreward as new cameras arrive we will learn composition in depth and become serious photographs as we are now masters in editing.



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  • Pixie Fun

    Posted by Monica Rzewski on 1/13/2015
    Over the last couple weeks the kids have been all learning about Pixie. Pixie is a program which lets us type, paint, and create. Here are some early projects from the kids.By Pepper Henderson PK  By Andy Lu 2nd GradeBy Analisa Vestal 1st gradeBy Ethan Smalls 2nd grade By Samuel Mesidor 1/2 GradeBy Alysa Streeter 2nd Grade
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  • Photography Highlights

    Posted by Monica Rzewski on 12/2/2014
    Photo By Alexis Tucker Photo By Lisa Lodge  In Ms. Smith's 5th grade class we explored Leading Lines Photo By Holley Paul Photo By Raquan Parker looking for shapes outside
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  • Highlights from the last couple weeks

    Posted by Monica Rzewski on 11/18/2014
    our younger students learned how to use the cameras  we got low and took worm's eye photos PreK found the color RED 3rd grade got creative with Head to Toe shots getting low for a worm's eye view
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  • Students Creating Photographs of Students Creating Photographs

    Posted by Monica Rzewski on 10/21/2014
    This week many students began using cameras. We are learning camera safety and how to properly use a camera. Our goal included: photography as a worm's eye view, bird's eye view and people's eye view. Here are so images taken by the students of their peers while they shoot and look through their images.
    Student in Ms. McNeil's 1st grade class Viewing photos in Mr. Richardson's 3rd grade class Student in Ms. Smith's 5th grade class Student in Mr. Richardson's 3rd grade class  
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