Salema Marbury began her educational career in 1988 as an Intermediate School Teacher, teaching at IS 116 in the South Bronx and Mark Twain Intermediate School
    for the Gifted and Talented in Coney Island, Brooklyn.  Although her first passion was teaching mathematics, her claim to fame has been her commitment to developing programs to improve the self esteem, academic prowess and leadership talents of her students.


    Ms. Marbury commenced her tenure at PS 329 as a teacher in-charge of attendance improvement, was appointed as assistant principal in 1998, and took the reigns of the principal-ship in 2008.  Since arriving to The Surfside School in 1995, she has established many school-wide programs, including the creation of the school’s Young Entrepreneurship Program. During their first venture, the students redesigned their school uniforms to create a more fashionable and affordable school attire, naming their clothing line, “Surfside Gear”. She also initiated the schools first Student Government and Leadership Academy and developed the school's Performing Arts Program. Most recently, she established PS 329’s newest college and career readiness pathway, 
     The Surfside School's Talent and Career Academy


    Ms. Marbury’s mission of utilizing her multitalented expertise to positively influence the lives of her students while empowering them to develop a belief in themselves is undying.  She believes that all of her students posses a unique talent,encourages them to “never surrender their dreams” and strives to ensure that each of them will acquire the confidence needed to reach their highest potential. She is most proud of the integral part she and her committed staff have played in establishing The Surfside School into what many have referred to as,
    “Coney Islands Best Kept Secret”.

Last Modified on October 3, 2017