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    P.S. 329 Third Grade

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    The third grade is a fun and very challenging grade. It is the grade where your child will take standardized state tests for the first time. It is also a grade that has a very strict promotion policy. We look forward to working together as a team of educators and parents to ensure your child has a successful year.


    Common Core Standard Based Curriculum:

    *Teachers College Reading:

    Students read daily for a period of time (20 – 30 minutes).

    Read Aloud – Students listen while teacher reads aloud; strategies are modeled.

    Shared Reading – Teacher and students interactively read a text together. Teacher guides and supports students as they read.

    Guided Reading – teacher works on a reading strategy with a small group, reading on the same reading level.

    Teachers College Writing:

    Units of study include narrative, persuasive, and informational writing.

    *Math: the following are math concepts we will focus on this year: addition and subtraction within 1,000, interpreting data, multiplication, division, time, understanding fractions, perimeter and area.

    *Amplify Science: This new program will allow students to take on the role of a scientist in order to investigate real world problems.

    Topics include: Balancing Forces, Inheritance and Traits, Environments and Survival, Weather and Climate.

    *Passport Social Studies:

    Topics include: World Geography and World Communities, China, Nigeria, Peru, and Egypt.

    Our goal is for students to become lifelong readers, writers, and thinkers through exposure to authentic literature, active participation, and real world situations.

    State Testing Dates

    ELA – March 25, 26,27   Math – April 21, 22, 23



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