Grade 3 / 4
    Rivers and Coasts

    What happens when rivers meet the coast? Discover what makes the water cycle go round in our virtual field trip.


     Two Cities - Contrasting Localities

    You say potatoes, they say patatas. Experience the differences between Belfast and Mexican life in our tale of two cities.


    See You See Me - Landscapes

    Find out about the landscapes of the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. Learn geographical terms and map skills with your friendly guide, Goggs.


    What is Weather?

    Is it a bird, is it a plane, or is it a Cumulus rain cloud? Find out just what weather is... 'What is Weather?' covers KS2 QCA Scheme of Work Unit 7: 'Weather around the world'.


    Island Life

    Did you know that the children on a German island can sometimes walk to the mainland? Or that the Vikings passed Rathlin Island on their way to America? Dive into 'Island Life' for an ocean full of fun facts and games!


    In geography, the four principal directional indicators are marked as points or arrowheads on a traditional magnetic compass rose. Called cardinal directions, they are north, east, south and west.










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