• December News! 
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    With the Teacher's College Reading program, students will learn to take charge of their reading, build fluency, and comprehension. Students will have the opportunity to read independently as well as with a partner, and have conversations about their reading.
    PLEASE read with your child everyday. (*Books will be sent home daily along with a reading log)
    Our informational unit, Reading To Learn, launches students’ lives as nonfiction readers. Children will read expository nonfiction with eagerness, interest, and fluency, with a focus on main ideas and supporting details. 
    Our mentor text for this unit is Gorillas by Seymour Simon along with Frogs and Toads by Bobbie Kalman and Tammy Everts. 
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    During the next few weeks, our math class  will be learning how to multiply with the factors 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. You can expect to see homework that provides practice with multiplication facts and strategies.
    PLEASE review the following vocabulary below:
    Associative Property of Multiplication - The property that states that when the grouping of factors is changed, the product remains the same
    Distributive Property The property that states that multiplying a sum by a number is the same as multiplying each addend by the number and then adding the products.
    Multiple - A number that is the product of two counting numbers
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    Our next writing unit will give students the opportunity to write informational  pieces on topics they are an expert on. They will work on choosing a topic, planning their book, and writing it!
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    Using Amplify Science, students will continue to participate in hands on  investigations, and be exposed to a diverse range of scientific fields and career paths. In the first unit we will explore balancing force.
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    Students will develop an understanding of the meaning of geography and its purpose. Students will learn how people use natural resources in order to meet their needs. 
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