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    September News! 
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    This year we will continue using the Teacher's College Reading program. Students will learn to take charge of their reading, build fluency, and comprehension. Students will have the opportunity to read independently as well as with a partner, and have conversations about their reading. PLEASE read with your child everyday. (*Books will be sent home daily along with a reading log)
    Our first unit, Building a Reading Life, launches students’ lives as upper elementary school readers. Children ramp up their reading skills by immersing themselves in within-reach fiction books while working on word solving, vocabulary development, envisionment, and prediction.
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    This year we will be utilizing a new math program called Envision.
    Our first topic is "Understanding Multiplication and Division of Whole Numbers."
    During the first few weeks, our math class will be learning how to multiply. Students will learn to think of multiplcation as joining equal groups. For example: 5 X 2 is 5 groups of 2. So, 5 X2 = 10. 
    Also, your child will learn how to divide. Students will learn to think of division as sharing equally. For example: 42 / 7 can be thought of as 42 crayons and 7 boxes. Each box has an equal number of crayons. There are 6 crayons in each box.
    PLEASE review the following vocabulary below:
    Equal groups, multiplication, factors, product, equation, unknown, array, row, column, Commutative Property of Multiplcation, division.


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    Students will work on writing an autobiography entitled "What I Wish My Teacher Knew... They will select two things that they would like to share about themselves. 
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    This year we will continue to utilize Amplify Science. Amplify Science will have students taking on the role of a scientist or engineer in order to investigate a real-world, 21st-century problem. Through their investigations, students are exposed to a diverse range of scientific fields and career paths. In the first unit we will explore balancing force.
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    Our first unit of study will be an introduction to World Geography and World Communities. Students will examine a variety of geographic tools to develop an understanding of the meaning of geography and its purpose. Students will learn how people use natural resources in order to meet their needs. 
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