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PS 329 Cell Phone Policy (click here)



Effective immediately, cell phones and other electronic devices are allowed on school property with the following restrictions:


o   Cell phones and other electronic devices may not be turned on and used while on school property

o   Cell phones must be kept out of sight and not visible to others (i.e. in pocket, backpack, etc.)

o   Cell phones/electronic devices should never be used to engage in harassment, bullying or intimidation

o   Cell phones/electronic devices that are visible or used on school property will be confiscated

o   Confiscated cell phones/electronic devices will be returned to the parent after a scheduled parent conference

o   Students who have their cell phone/electronic device confiscated repeatedly may lose the privilege of having a cell phone/electronic device in school

o   The school is not responsible or liable for lost, damaged or stolen cell phone/electronic devices.  It is the student’s responsibility to take proper care of his/her device

o   Cell phones/electronic devices may not be charged at school
***For further information contact our parent coordinator, Leah Depena Alexis