It's that time again....join the 2010 Attendance Challenge!

    How does it work?
    How can I involve my entire class? 
    What are the rewards? 

    Simply follow the steps listed below:

    1.    Post the new and improved "ATTENDANCE" banner on the wall outside of your classroom

    2.    Select a few students to be your recording monitor(s)

    3.    Allow monitor(s) to color one letter in the word “ATTENDANCE” for each day that you have 97% or greater attendance ( no more than 1 child absent)
    4. Punctuality counts too!  All students in attendance must be on time in order for your class to receive credit for that day.

    5.    Only color one letter per day

    6.     On each 97% or greater day, your entire class will earn attendance Surfside Dollars( $2 SS dollars per student)*

    7.     The first  class to completely shade in “ATTENDANCE” will win a special prize! (new and exciting prizes available each month)
    8.  A new challenge begins on the first Monday of each month.

    9.    Remember…remain positive and have FUN!


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    Store Grand Opening January 11th.
Last Modified on January 3, 2010