• Columbus' First Voyage in 1492
    Timeline Facts
    Aug 3, 1492
    The Niña, Pinta and the Santa María sail from Palos, Spain.
    Aug 12
    The ships reach the Canary Islands and stay there until Sept 6.
    Sept 9
    Sailing westward, the ships loose sight of land at nightfall.
    Sept 30
    Ships complete 3 weeks travel with no sight of land. This is the longest journey made with no sight of land.
    Oct 7
    A mistaken shout of "Land Ho" brings great disappointment.
    Oct 10
    Sailors are on the point of mutiny, but agree to sail on for 2 or 3 more days.
    Oct 12
    Columbus discovers America when land is sighted. He goes ashore on San Salvador (Watlings Island) in the Bahamas.
    Dec 24
    Columbus' flagship, the Santa María is wrecked off Cap Haïtien.
    Jan 16, 1493
    The Niña and Pinta begin their homeward voyage. Columbus is aboard the Niña.
    Feb 8
    The 2 ships are hit by strong headwinds.
    Feb 12
    A storm threatens the Niña.
    Feb 13-14
    The 2 ships are separated by the storm
    Feb 15
    The Niña arrives at Santa María island in the Azores and waits 10 days before leaving without the Pinta.
    March 3
    The Niña arrives at Lisbon and stays there 10 days.
    March 15
    The Niña returns to its home port, Palos. The Pinta arrives there a few hours later.
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    Christopher Columbus

    Famous Explorer

    Born 1451.
    Died 1506.
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