• Unit Topic - All About Us

    Essentional Question

    -Who am I and who are the people in my life?


    Focus Question

    Week 1 - What makes me important and unique?

    Week 2 - What feelings do I have and why?

    Week 3 - What makes my class important and why?

    Week 4 - What makes my family important and unique?


    Student Outcomes

    Enduring understandings that the student should have by the end of the unit:

    • I am unique; there is no one who looks, feels, thinks and acts exactly like I do.

    • I feel different ways at different times for different reasons.

    • I am part of a family and a classroom community. • My family is important and unique.

    • My classroom is a community. All of the people in my class are important and unique.

    • I can help make my classroom a fun, safe and exciting place.