• A-  ACCEPT your child
    B-  Bulid up his/her confidence
    C- Cooperate with others that work with your child
    D- Direct his/her attention to improve his/her listening & skills
    E- ESTABLISH undersatnd that tasks should be carried out to completion
    F- FORGET about comparing youe child to others
    G- GOVERN his/herdiscipline at home
    H- HELP him/her to take pride in doing those things that he can do well
    J- JOIN your child in fun games
    I- INSTITUTE regular visits to museums, libraries and other places of interest
    K- KEEP directions simple so that your child can remember easily
    L- LET your child develop interests and hobbies
    M- MOTHER, but dont smother
    N- NEVER give up on your child's behavior
    O- OPEN every possible door of help for your child
    P- PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE are positive traits for parents
    Q- QUITE child? may be good or calling out for help
    R- REQUEST and read materials to help you with your child
    S- SOCIALLY acceptable behavior should be encouraged out-sid of the home also.
    T- TEACH your child good manners and good health habits
    U- UNDERSTAND that your child needs routine--time
    V- VACATION is a great time for you and child to " rap"
    W- WATCH your language;  highly emotional words are easily learned by your child
    X- XRAY your state of mind.  Are your attitudes helping your child?
    Y- YOU are unique.  You were chosen as one.  Give special care to your child
    Z- ZEST for life and living must be shared by you with your child:  feel good about yourself.
Last Modified on February 4, 2009