Social Studies - the study of human society including geography, history, , sociology, and government

  • This year all classes will engage in learning the Social Studies Scope and Sequence.  as well as creating some fun projects.  The "Essential Question" is what children will be required to answer by the end of the semester.

    Essential Questions: (December-February))

    PK  Where We Live

    K  How are people the same and different?

    1  How do families grow and change over time?

    2 How do communities change over time?

    3  How do culture, geography, and history shape a community?

    4  What makes a complex society?

    5 Who motivated the European explorers to explore the Western Hemisphere?

    I encourage all parents to talk with their children about these essential questions.  It will be an interesting conversation!!

Last Modified on December 16, 2019