• Breakfast In The Classroom


    Beginning September 8, 2017, PS 329 will be participating in New York City's breakfast In The Classroom Program:


    *School Doors will open at 8:00am for student line-up

    *Students will enter the school through the School Yard

    *All students will recieve Breakfast in The Classroom beginning @ 8:20am

    *Students arriving after 8:20am will enter through the main entrance


    Breakfast in the Classroom is an initiative by Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York City Department of Education to ensure that a free and complete breakfast is available to all NYC elementary students. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it has both short and long term effects. It can make a child restless, tired, and inattentive. It can also contribute to tardiness, poor attendance, and overall lower grade performance. By serving Breakfast in the Classroom everyone stands to benefit. Students are ensured a nutritious and healthy breakfast needed to think clearly, concentrate on learning, and perform better in class, and since the allotted time will also be used to take attendance or give announcements no class time is lost. Learn more: schoolfoodnyc.org/OurPrograms/bic.



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Last Modified on September 6, 2017