• Congratulations, you are the proud parent of a P.S. 329 Surfside Senior!

    In celebration of this significant milestone, we have planned a number of fun filled senior activities. In order for your child to be eligible to participate in these specially planned events, your child is expected to demonstrate the following:

    E~ Strive for Excellence

    M~ Make good choices (socially and behaviorally)

    P~ Come Prepared for their day (ready to learn; submit homework, regular attendance/punctuality)

    O~ Have Outstanding behavior

    W~ Work hard in every way (in class and in their school community)

    E~ Encourage others to do well

    R~ Have Respect for themselves and others

    Each day, your child will earn “Senior Points” for exhibiting the above expectations...being EMPOWERED. By acquiring the maximum number of points (550-600), your child will be eligible to attend all senior activities. Please note, if your child does not earn the maximum points then he/she may not be eligible to attend all senior activities.

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Last Modified on April 15, 2016