•  Hello Parents !
      Welcome back to the 2018-2019 school year! This page is for YOU!
    Check back each month for updates and insights into what our students are learning.
               This year we are expecting all of our seniors to be EMPOWERED and demonstrate POW!
    P stands for Coming prepared each and every       day for a successful start to the day.
    O stands for being organized in school.
    W stands for working hard in every way. Strive      to be better 
     For the month of September our Math instructional focus will be the following:
              Quick Review of 4th Grade Concepts
    • Implement Math Workshop Guidelines
    • Math Discussion Routines
    • Introduction of Growth Mindset
    • Problem Solving 
    We are currently working in Go Math Chapter 1: Place value, multiplication and expressions. In Grade 5 students will:
    •  understand the place value system.  
    • Perform operations with multi digit whole numbers and with decimals too hundredths.
    • Write and interpret numerical expressions

    For September, we are getting ready for Amplify Science!
    Unit 1: Patterns of Earth and Sky
    In this unit 5th Grade students will:
    • learn and understand how scientists gather and share information.
    • Why we don't see stars in the daytime.
    • how Science tools help scientists make better observations and measurements.
    • how Inquiry skills help scientists organize the way in which they gather data.
    •  how scientists use the steps in the scientific method to plan and conduct experiments. 
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