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    Class 4-322b  
                          Questions about HW? Upcoming events?  Concerns? 
                                            Many parents email and text me each week.
                                           Be a part of the classroom connection. 
     School Supplies     RRossittomelendy@schools.nyc.gov
    Fourth grade is a very exciting but challenging year for your child. Together, we can achieve great success for your child. I'll need your support in making sure your child does the homework assignments, comes prepared, and gets plenty of rest each night.
    Please contact me through your child's HW notebook
    or by emailing me at RRossittomelendy@schools.nyc.gov
    I hope to hear from all of you soon,
    Ms. Melendy


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    emergency? text me at 718 704-4213 



Last Modified on September 16, 2018